Supported by advanced IT solutions, we emphasise the importance of planning at Assel. Our Planning team works closely with Procurement & Sourcing teams, ensuring that our Customers benefit from efficient, lean and flexible Supply Chains.

Concept of Planning
We understand that each Customer has different needs and requires a different approach towards  planning. Our planning team very is active at the implementation stage - we analyse your goals, map the current supply practices and based on our know-how and tools: design and build supply chain that fit your individual needs and the specifics of your industry. In order to achieve highest efficiency and best results in meeting Customer’s general expectations of shorter time-to-market and highest probability of achieving your on-time delivery goals, our Advanced Planning concepts base on:

  • Demand (Forecast) driven planning
  • Flexibility level
  • Replenishment Policy
  • Build-to-Forecast/Build-to-Order / Configure to Order
  • Just-in-Time delivery

Sophisticated Software Solutions
We created and implemented innovative and unique IT solutions that allow for a very detailed overview of the inventory and material in pipeline, as well as immediate reaction to changes in Customer demand.

We use a variety of sophisticated software solutions within one single ERP system – Microsoft Dynamics AX. Our solutions allow for ongoing overview of material dedicated at each stage of the project and stage of product lifecycle. We can simultaneously observe and build hypothetical scenarios of how will the supply chain react to changes in Customer demand and vice versa – with all the implications on inventory, material’s age as well as excess and obsolesce.

Daily reaction to changes
Based on your demand, our planning team reacts to your changing needs on a daily basis. Based on our unique planning concept implemented within the ERP system, our Buyers are instructed of  actions, which shall be taken. Whether the instruction is to speed up, delay or cancel whole or specific amount of the order for the material, our response is immediate and recurring. Thus, we are able to minimise engagement in the material and minimise the level of excess and potential obsolescence in the future. We offer optimised supply chain solutions.