Our experience in manufacturing has been built for nearly 40 years. 

Everything started in 1982 when Jarosław Prolejko had decided to take his life in his hands and run with his own business. That is why he has founded Proelco – a small company specialized in production of TV`s and other electronic devices. It was just a pitstop on his way to set-up greater manufacturing company. In 1999, based on the previous activities and lessons learned, he decided to start Assel; a Contract Manufacturing Services provider and discontinued production of his own designed products.

Throughout all this years, Assel has become a very experienced player in electronics industry and one of the most important EMS providers in Poland. We have run a variety of projects, including a mass production project of consumer electronics set top box product, as well as systems integration – cabinets for maritime industry, as well as various industrial electronics assembly and box build projects. In the meantime, we have implemented an additional range of services and technology, as conformal coating and potting. 

We produce various devices for the tranposrtation industry (public transportaion, rail, automotive), industrial industries (power, sensors, printing technologies, control units), security and safety (access controls, monitoring devices), as well as medical and healthcare (biopsy and heart rate monitoring devices) - for Customers throughtout the world and mainly located in Germany, UK, Switzerland, Scandinavia and Finland. 

Moreover, with a very strong developed software competences, as well as sophisticated central ERP system with various modifications sutiing the EMS industry - we have build unigue planning and supply chain competences, allowing our Customers to benefit from smart supply chains -  with quicker and flexible reactions to changes in demand, tightly controlled liability and ability to build precise business solutions that will adapt to your needs and market reality. 

“Despite our long history, we remain the same – medium, family owned company open for new, challenging projects and challenges. Jarosław's vision was to build world class manufacturing organization, while maintaing a flexible, flat-structured reliable company. We continue to emphaize this vision and expand our competences to grow a smart alternative for global corporations – an effective, flexibly run professional business that supports industry-leading Customers” – says Przemysław Prolejko, Jaroslaw`s successor.