Assel has been designing and constructing products since the beginning of the 80’s, however it’s in the 90’s that our in-house designed & manufactured TV sets met with a large success. The TV set brand we designed and introduced into the Polish market has gained 10% market share.

Documentation Preparation & Verification
It is often the case, when considering a product transfer or when implementing a new product, that the product documentation needs to be prepared on the basis of a sample or needs complex re-engineering of the existing product documentation. This includes comparison of the documentation and the sample product.

We utilise the newest version of Autodesk Inventor Professional. 

Material Design & Engineering
For over more than 20 years, we have been designing and redesigning variety of mechanical material & non-electronics materials for our Customers. This includes mechanics, plastics and cable harnesses. Our team constantly embarks on improvement programs in redesigning or improving the product documentation and seeking more economical, alternative material sources. 

Design for Manufacturing (DFM)
Our experienced Product Engineers advise you of the capabilities of current technologies and support you in building a reliable and optimised product. Our Design for Manufacturing (DFM) services include component placement analysis, PCB layout check, material availability verification, environmental compliance verification, test analysis and other specified verification. The software we use is Valor Vplan.

In Assel, we are constantly focused on continuous improvement and providing transparent support for our Customers. Each NPI we conduct is completed with comprehensive post-NPI report, suggesting improvements and deficiencies discovered in your product that support optimization. Read more about our approach to New Product Introduction.

Engineering Change (ECO) Management
Managing Product Data is one of the most critical factors in Contract Manufacturing. At Assel, we have implemented a dedicated ECO module as a part of Microsoft Dynamics AX, our company wide system. This ECO module allows us for a timely and defect-free engineering change management.

Alternative, obsolete and EOL management
With access to vast internal and external components databases, direct contact with suppliers and unique material management software – we are able to support our Customers with wide choice of alternatives and replacements for obsolete materials; as well as in efficient management of end of life material, including the consequences of engineering change order.

Product and Industry specific certifications
Being a complex Electronics Manufacturing Services provider, we fully understand the industry specific requirements in different market segments, as well as tailored product-specific approvals in line with their destination of use and application. We have implemented a variety of standards, and product-specific approvals on behalf of our Customers.

Environmental compliance
Depending on your needs, we can verify the environmental compliance of your product and its components, for instance, in line with the RoHs and REACH directives.

Tooling & Fixture
We source, design and build a variety of production tooling & fixtures, used in a variety of processes, such as solder pallets, tailored product jigs and ICT test fixtures. 

Environmental Testing
Our Testing capabilities include Climatic chamber and Thermal shock test.