Conformal coatings and potting applications are particularly valuable for devices functioning within severe environmental conditions that consider temperature, moisture, humidity, dirt or dust extremes, as well as shocks, vibrations or damage. In order to protect sensitive electronics, we offer automatic conformal coating and potting applications, to ensure that your product performs in all kinds of environmental conditions.

Conformal Coating

  • Intended for low/high volume high reliability applications
  • In-line conformal coating & cure oven by world top producer: Asymtek
  • Very precise and repeatable brush-by-flow and spray application (under an angle) utilising laser beam
  • Variety of laquers – based on Customer needs
  • Quality control: automatic thickness validation
  • UV light inspection


  • Automatic and repeatable application
  • Variety of compounds





  • Download Datasheet: Electronics Assembly [858.99 kb] 




  • Download Datasheet: Quality Assurance [526.13 kb]