Our Electronics Assembly operations are conducted within an organized and clean manufacturing environment, arranged in line with 5S lean-oriented organized workplace. Our facilities are ESD protected, air conditioned and humidity controlled. We have over 35 years of experience in production of printed circuit board assemblies (PCBA).

General Overview & Capacity:

  • Production according to international standards
  • Workmanship standards in line with IPC-A-610 (Class 2 and 3)
  • Traceability level: based on Customer requirements
  • High-performance SMT lines: 950,000 components per hour (cph)
  • Components placed in 2016: 700 million (aprox. 3,5 million PCBAs)
  • Free capacity available and quick ability to increase capacity by 20%-30%

Software Control & Capabilities

  • Online SMT machine control: Feeder / Machine Slot / Reel validation, PPM level tracking (feeder / component / nozzle tracking), Automatically set Quality Alerts, Consumption level tracking


  • Online Material Consumption reporting by component/reel
  • Production Management Systems
  • Quality Data (reporting, reflow profiles, AOI, SPI, Xray, test ) record system & historical data
  • Valor Vplan – defect-free NPI production

SMT production (technology)

  • Stencil Printing (3D inspection, Hawkeye)
  • Dispense technology (glue, paste)
  • Placement of 01005, BGA/CSP, QFP, uBGA
  • Pin-in-Paste technology
  • Reflow soldering in nitrogen atmoshpere
  • Inline AOI in each SMT line

THT production:

  • Radial/VCD automatic insertion and manual placement
  • Wave soldering in nitrogen atmosphere
  • Manual soldering
  • Depaneling (router, punch)
  • AOI inspection

PCB protection:

  • Advanced conformal coating (partial, angle)
  • Potting


  • SPI (Solder Paste Inspection)
  • X-Ray
  • Inline AOI for SMT
  • Offline AOI for THT


  • In-house test development (functional test, in-process verification tests)
  • In-circuit test (ICT)
  • Functional test
  • Safety tests (high voltage)
  • RoHS tests (X-ray fluorescence)
  • Burn-in (aging) test
  • Environmental tests