Over the last 35 years, we have gained vast experience in contract manufacturing services for box build and complex systems integration on a turnkey basis.

We have been managing mass assembly projects, as well as manufacturing of single units of complex systems that have a configuration of over 150 product versions and contain over 2200 line items. In line with our assembly experience, we have built strong sourcing, material management and inspection capabilities in non-electronic & mechanical materials. We have built and created many supply chains which have been efficiently running for years and are being optimized on a daily basis. We provide the following capabilities:


  • Prototype & Pre-Production Series
  • Production batches from 1 unit per order to mass production assembly
  • Electro-mechanical, mechanical assembly projects
  • Dedicated and separated Assembly cells & lines
  • Extensive knowledge of metal works, including drilling, screwing, threading, cutting, milling, soldering, PEM
  • Multi-disciplinary operators allowing extended flexibility in upturns & downturns (seasonality)
  • Detailed Visual Assembly Instructions development
  • Test of Final products & dedicated test solutions during process: ensuring test and inspection after each critical stage.
  • Extensive range of mechanical assembly tooling and ability to use these tools effectively
  • In-house designed and built product-specific manufacturing tooling
  • Direct Order Fulfilment solutions
  • Build to Order (BTO) & Configure to Order (CTO)

To learn more about how we manage our production processes and our approach to quality, please visit the Quality Assurance and Lean Management sections.