With over 35 years of experience in the manufacturing industry, we have successfully launched tens of thousands of new products. Our NPI project managers control the timeline of the product introduction to ensure minimized time-to-market, as well as monitor and improve the level of quality thus lowering costs and minimising risks. We have experience in implementing entirely newly designed products and production transfers. Our NPI capabilities include:

Evaluation of New Products
Each NPI is followed by an extensive post-NPI report with improvement suggestions in terms of critical productivity & quality factors, based on worldwide standards/requirements and best practice. This includes Design for Manufacturability (read more), Product Documentation verification, suggestion of alternatives etc.

Based on Customer requirements, we conduct a variety of quality reporting such as PPAP, PFMEA, SPC and others, i.e. Six Sigma/Lean Quality tools.

Advanced Software
We use the Valor Vplan (Mentor Graphics) software for managing the NPI process, allowing for i.e. data validation and transfer, line simulation, SMT and AOI programming. This sophisticated software allows us to manage the NPI process much more efficiently, allowing high reliability and shorter time-to-market. Read more about Valor Vplan used in Assel’s Manufacturing operations here.

We have additionally built an unique and dedicated NPI project management software, allowing enhanced planning of the process.

Engineering Support
Our NPI project team consists of a group of experienced and trained engineers, specializing in a variety of fields, including Product Engineering, Process Engineering, Test, Quality, and Supply Chain. Such set up allows managing each project with a wide spectrum, addressing multiple issues at once and receiving immediate engineering support at each stage of the implementation.

Design and Build of Assembly Lines & Tooling
We have built numerous assembly lines and assembly cells, tailored to the specifics of Box Build and Electro-Mechanical Integration projects. Being a flexible contract manufacturing services provider, we focus on customized assembly that offers added value through optimized production process and high level of quality.

At Assel, we also design, build and supply a variety of tooling for production. For more information, please go directly to Tooling & Fixtures.

Environmental & Safety Testing
During the implementation stage, our Customers frequently require to confirm how their product behaves in different environmental conditions. Therefore, we partnered with a variety of external laboratories, as well as possess a variety of in-house capabilities, including Climate, Thermal shock, Aging and Hi-Pot tests. Read more in the Test & Inspection section.

Product-Specific Certifications
If you require to implement any product specific certifications, as your contract manufacturing services provider we will support you at all stages of the certification process. We have, together with our Customers, implemented a range of certifications/approvals including GS, CCC, TUV, NDS and have been audited by various external bodies, including governmental security agencies.