Quality is one of the most critical areas. Whether we relate to the BOM, material, manufacturing or test, we put enormous emphasis on quality in all aspects of our contract manufacturing services.

We have the following approach to Quality Assurance:

  • Zero tolerance for defects philosophy: 8D and PDCA problem solving methodologies
  • Eliminate true root cause of defects: providing reliable solutions, stop the problem at source and solve it
  • Continuous improvement: continuously improve in each aspects in line with lean philosophy and waste elimination improvement programs
  • 5S organized workplace: regular 5S process audits followed by internal competition
  • ESD System management
  • Out of Box inspection: Any discovered defect is treated internally with the same level of care and attention as Customer’s claim

We have built the following competences, skills and programs:

  • Years of experience in inspection ofmechanical, non-electronics & PCBmaterialsbased on AQL standards
  • Supplier auditing and supplier score cards
  • Material Review Board and management of non-conforming components & products
  • IPC certified specialists and regular IPC trainings
  • Learning programs: internal soldering university aiming at improving employees’ competences and manual soldering capabilities
  • Qualified Six Sigma Green and Black Belt engineers with capability to provide i.e. DMAIC, MSA, SPC, DoE.
  • Quality Tools: PPAP, FMEA, Pareto, Flow Charts, Control Plans, RCA, FTA, CP, Ishikawa,3way5why, 5W2H

We have the ability to deliver high quality services in both electronics assembly (PCBA) and electro-mechanical integration.

  • Download Datasheet: Quality Assurance [526.13 kb]