Strategic direction for implementation, design and building software solutions has accompanied us for many years now. We have designed and implemented a large portfolio of our own tools, or as an alternative we have extensively modified the already employed software solutions, that form a group of unique and very practical software packages dedicated to the contract electronics manufacturing operations.  We build our tools in order to deliver better service for our Customers, including higher flexibility and reliability levels.

We have developed and are continuously evolve a number of practical manufacturing solutions, that whether simple or more complex – allow us to very efficiently manage and overlook all processes, from electronics assembly to electro-mechanical systems integration and resource management. Therefore, our processes are more efficient, transparent and allow for higher level of repetition and reliability. Not only do we have an advanced online traceability solution including material consumption tracking, but also complex applications  that allow us for history management, in relation the production process, test or MSD devices.

We have implemented dedicated modules for Quality analysis and tools, NPI project management, KPI and goals management, ESD management and many other.

Planning & Material Management
We believe to be extremely strong. Our expertise in planning and material management is backed by unique software based on a modified planning loop and self-developed material management module integrated in our ERP - Microsoft Dynamics AX.

These powerful tools allow our Customers to benefit from much more enhanced supply chain design, as well as practical and reliable planning concepts, that can allow for high flexibility and quick reaction to your changing demand as well as better control of material in the supply chain. This is followed by extreme transparency and visibility of the pipeline, “what if” scenario analysis and the potential impact on excess and obsolete.

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