At Assel, we believe that corporate responsibility is integral to business success and we strongly promote well-being and safety of our employees, environment and local community. We expect our employees and vendors to take personal responsibility for their actions and act collectively in order to build a responsible organization in contract manufacturing services in Central/Eastern Europe.

Corporate Social Responsibility Program
We are driving positive change for both people and the planet. Our CSR practices include diverse programs designed to help the environment and build up communities.

Supported by the Swiss Contribution program, we have implemented Corporate Social Responsibility strategy in line with ISO 26000. We have passed several audits and implemented a roadmap that covers our actions and targets for the period 2014-2018.




Employer of the Year
In 2011, we have been awarded as the “Employer of the Year” by the regional employment office. The award has been presented by the major of Gdańsk.

We believe that aligning our values with our business goals is essential to our success as an organisation. Integral part of our culture is paying vast attention to learning and personal development, ethical approach to stakeholders, raising environmental awareness and high standards of health & safety inside our facilities.