We have a long history lasting for over 35 years in the electronics industry. In the meantime we have gained enormous knowledge in the manufacturing industry, as well as built exceptional operational solutions and tools for contract manufacturing. Below you kind find the most important milestones in our rich history.  

1982: Foundation of Proelco
Jarosław Prolejko founds Proelco, electronics design & manufacture company

1993: Triluxon the market
Proelco introduces Trilux, in-house designed & assembled TV brand

1997: Trilux succeeds!
Trilux sells over 1 million units and reaches 10% market share

1999: Foundation of Assel
Foundation of Assel, a Contract Manufacturing (Electronics Manufacturing) business, as a separate entity.

2000: TV production discontinues
Production of the Trilux TV sets discontinues

2004: Assembly on Mass Scale
First mass production: box build assembly

2005: Systems Integration
First complex systems assembly project

2007: New Facility
Modern manufacturing space is build

2012:30 years anniversary
30 years in the industry!

2014: Implementation of ISO 22301
Business Continuity Management accreditation achieved

2017: Implementation of ISO 13485 
Awarded ISO standard for manufacturing of medical devices