New customers in medical industry

Assel has acquired two new customers in medical industry.

For one of the medical customers, Assel has designed and built testing hardware and software from scratch to finish, therefore engaging a competent team of engineers, who have thus far built several testing solutions for customers.


‘Assel has applied package on package technology (PoP) for one of the customers’ explains Przemysław Prolejko, Strategic Manager at Assel ‘the product is technologically SMT demanding in terms of SMT and required advanced competences to maintain repeatability'. 

‘Holding Medical Devices ISO 13485 certification helped Assel to acquire more customers from medical electronics industry’ adds Przemyslaw ‘ISO 13485 means advancement and of abilities to manufacture more complex devices requiring more strict and controlled manufacturing processes. We look forward to expanding our customer portfolio within that segment already having a number of customers from this field’




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