New Client from the Measuring & Testing segment

We have acquired a new high-mix/low volume Customer, manufacturing both PCBA and Box Build. 

‘We have  created a special room for the measurement & control systems customer who needs clean production environment for his very precise equipment. This dedicated room has strictly controlled levels of temperature, humidity and dust’ explains Przemysław Prolejko, Strategic Manager at Assel. ‘For every customer we build dedicated infrastructure should the customer have such a requirement’ 

The project is demanding involving heavy engineering resources, technical complexities and complex supply chains. ‘Such projects are very much projects that we like, that meet our capabilities as complex manufacturing services provider and we look forward to demanding projects acquisition in 2020’ adds Przemyslaw. 

Assel offers contract electronic and electromechanical manufacturing services, providing manufacturing services for many global companies, from different business sectors and product applications.  



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