We cooperate with and seek Customers from variety of market segments. We treat our Customers very seriously and focus on delivering smart and reliable solutions, which will lead to complete Customer satisfaction, successful cooperation and mutual growth in the long run.

Over the years in the electronics manufacturing industry, we have built an efficient and firm business approach towards new projects from new Customers. The process is transparent and allows to build a mutual relationship between the Customer and Assel.

Our Sales Cycle is defined based on the following steps:


  • Get to know each other’s companies and understand general business needs.
  • Understanding Assel’s capabilities and Customer’s position of Assel in Customer’s contract manufacturing supplier matrix
  • Identification of the business fit


  • Signing a NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement)
  • Understanding customer’s major Business Needs & Concept of Cooperation with manufacturing partners
  • Identification of Manufacturing Requirements & Industry standards
  • General understanding of working with the Supply Chain

Prior to quotation, we propose to our Customers a written model of cooperation which encompasses the following, amongst other concepts:

  • General Subcontracting rules
  • Supply Chain and Material Management concept
  • Manufacturing & Industry Standards
  • Price Model

Through this we build a vision of cooperation with the Customer based on his expressed individual needs.


  • Manufacturing Service Agreement
  • Create a plan and timeline of implementation into production at Assel
  • Execution of the established plan of project introduction