Lean as a philosophy allows us to be more efficient, effective and flexible within all processes. Our lean manufacturing competences base on our Customer needs, resources, methodology utilized and operational standards.

We implement a variety of statistic methods and tools from Six Sigma and Lean management studies. On a daily basis, we apply tools such as 5S, poka yoke, SPC, 5 why, Andons, KPI, FMEA, 4M+E, Kanban, Kaizen projects, Ishikawa and Pareto analysis, PDCA, 8D and many others.

As an innovative electronics contract manufacturer, we implemented, monitor and maintain activities such as:

Key Process Indicators (KPI)
Daily, weekly and monthly effects in each process and areas of our operations. This allow us to discover weak points, analyze it, conducts countermeasures and preventive actions. All in a PDCA loop.

Waste Elimination
Employee involvement program focused on key 7 wastes. Projects are promoted throughout the entire company, allowing to build and share good practices within all departments and operational and managerial processes.

Idea Box
Ideas are generated by all workers and related to improving current processes and practices. We listen to all ideas and analyze their impact and implement them into our operational systems.

Our maintenance and production teams use SMED techniques for changeover reduction, increase of OEE, and downtime prevention. Within Printed circuit Board Assembly processes, we use Jidoka and error proofing (Poka Yoke) solutions. This combined with SPC allows us to manufacture more efficiently and in a more flexible manner, while achieving stable, high quality level.

Total Quality Management (TQM)
All our continuous improvement activities supported by top management and each single employee - lead us to be Customer focused contract manufacturer; through fulfilment of Customer needs in a lean, efficient manner.  As a Total Quality Management (TQM) our Customers benefit from:

  • Shortened processes
  • Better quality
  • Higher productivity
  • Flexible production process
  • Skilled production resources
  • Shorter Time to Market

Through utilization of Lean/Six Sigma tools and philosophy, we aim to deliver complete Customer Satisfaction.