Assel organises the entire supply chain in accordance with our customers’ dynamic requirements and policies, taking into account such factors as the required degree of flexibility and inventory optimisation.

Amongst products that we manufacture, as much as 80% of the value of the product can be generated by BOM (Bill of Material), which indicates how critical a well-organized and reliable supply chain is to success. This condition is achieved through widespread transparency over the entire supply chain and centralised planning of demand, using our ERP system Microsoft Dynamics AX, which we tailored to fit the needs of the contract manufacturing services industry.

Supply Chain Setup

We have designed and implemented many supply chains that we optimise on a continuous basis. We work with our Customers in the following manner:

Define & Agree on Customer needs:

  • Flexibility level (demand range and horizon in time)
  • Replenishment policy
  • Purchasing policies: i.e. Long Lead Time material, MOQ, EOQ
  • Customer forecasting and PO’srules & Order Fulfillmenttype agreement

Set up the Supply Chain:

  • Plan and setup of the supply chain (define sources, define contracting party)
  • Conduct agreements with vendors (flexibility level, quality rules, claim procedures, replenishment policies, call offs)
  • Establish (implement) the Supply Chain & preferred Order Fulfilment

Operate, Adjust & Continuously Improve

  • Focus on increased cycle times & minimisation of inventory (financial engagement)
  • Minimise potential exposure for the Customer
  • Manage change (i.e. ECO), risks (i.e. obsolete) & responsivenesss to market dynamics
  • Focus on cost optimization: seeking (sourcing) alternative material sources
  • Implementation of VMI

Such organised supply chain delivers widespread benefits for Customers, including:

  • Shortened Time-to-Market
  • Higher Flexibility in Upturns
  • Minimised exposure in downturns
  • Total Cost reduction
  • Lower levels of Inventory
  • Risk Minimisation


As a Contract Manufacturing Services provider, we have strong and global supplier base, which we continuously expand and optimise. Our capabilities include:

  • Global base of suppliers: wide-spread network in the local market & Far East.
  • Comprehensive range of Materials: electronics, mechanics, cable harnesses, plastics, rubbers, hydraulics
  • Focus on dedicated materials: higher quality & cost-efficiencies
  • Verified and authorized sources only: elimination of counterfeit electronics materials
  • Supplier Management: regular supplier evaluation based on auditing and 8D methodology
  • Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) concept implemented for key materials

We have the right capabilities and experience for building supply chains for printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) projects, as well as final assembly, complex systems integration and electro-mechanical assembly. Our Advanced Planning concept, supported by software solutions, allows us to react immediately to your changing needs and accelerate, delay or cancel orders for material in line with your changing demand.

Material Management

In contract manufacturing, the accurate and optimised approach for material management is critical for success of our Customers.

For the last 35 years in the industry, we have been putting emphasis on efficient approach to material management, which is supported by our unique and dedicated software (read more), as well as advanced planning capabilities (read more). We have constant and online access to all inventory at our warehouse as well as the material in the pipeline, with the ability to build a variety of scenarios for different planning models.