We are the preferred partner of choice for Customers who require reliable & flexible assembly and integration services.

Core Values:

  • Customer Satisfaction:
    The key and most important value is to be responsive to our Customers’ changing business needs and react to their needs with high degree of flexibility. We build our relations with Customers based on mutual respect, trust and cooperation. We aim to deliver best contract manufacturing service possible through a comprehensive range of tailored services, quality and flexibility, combined with operational and cost efficiency. 
  • Continuous Improvement pays off
    We build operational excellence through innovation and continuous implementation of lean philosophy. Our entire organizational ecosystem is focused on constant system improvement.

    We invest in new solutions and are committed to acquisition of advanced state-of-art technology. We promote multidisciplinary development of our personnel.

  • Performance: Key to Success
    We are committed to meeting our internal KPIs and goals set by our Customers, as well as meeting our goals of revenue growth and profitability. High level of performance enhances our competitiveness within our industry, but above all, as a consequence, it creates greater value to our Customers in their own market segments.
  • Commitment for long-term partnership
    We engage in thorough understanding of our Customers’ long term needs and engage in lining in with their requirements. We are committed to mutual cooperation and sharing of ideas in an interactive, ethical and respectful manner. 
  • Responsiveness to Customer Needs
    We listen, and are active and flexible in responding to the needs of our Customers and committed to keep our commitments to delivery of reliable solutions. We are proactive and work in teams to propose solutions and clever ideas, which will help achieve our Customers’ business goals.